4 Simple Steps

If you’re not sure how to get started with producing your demo, just follow these 4 Simple Steps and you’ll see just how easy it really is!

1 – Contact me for a free consultation and quote:

To contact me, you can use the above button or give me a Call on: 07967 879 289 or send an email to: audio@sidratstudios.com:
Every project is unique, which is why I like to have a good chat with my clients, in order to get a strong feel for what they need. I’ll then supply you with a detailed quote, based on what we discuss during your consultation.
Payment and Production Plan:
Assuming you approve the quote, I’ll send you a digital invoice. Once you’ve made your payment, you’ll receive your fully detailed Production Plan.

2 – Book your recording session:

Set a Date:
We’ll find a date and time that best suits your schedule and book your initial studio session(s).
Before your First Session:
– Read my free Guide: ‘Studio Recording: 4 Steps to SUCCESS’, for tips and advice about preparing for a studio session
– Decide which track(s) you want to record
– Figure out what additional layers of sequenced accompaniment you may need
– Supply me with any backing tracks/accompaniments via email
– Practice your performance(s) until you’re as tight as possible
– Tune your instrument and warm up your voice

3 – Produce your Tracks – Record, Edit, Sequence & Mix:

During the Session(s):
– Arrive 10 to 15 minutes early, so you can set up any equipment and tune up your instrument – or warm up your voice.
– First, we’ll find a suitable Tempo and set up the session with a ‘click track’, often a drum or percussion rhythm that supplies the right groove and feel to aid your performance… or we’ll simply load up your Backing Track.
– If I’m producing an Original Backing Track for you, we’ll begin sequencing your New Beat.
– Before hitting Record, we’ll do a thorough Soundcheck of your Live Instrument(s) if you’re playing one, and/or your Voice.
– Next, we’ll Record your Live Instrument(s) and Edit your best takes into a single Comp.
– Then we’ll do the same with your Vocals.
– If you’re in need of a sequenced accompaniment, this is when we’ll get started on that.
– I’ll create a Rough Mix, setting all the layers to a comfortable static volume balance, for you to check for errors.
After the Session(s):
– Listen to the Initial Rough Mix
– If necessary, we’ll have a drop-in recording session to fix any issues.
– We’ll discuss the mixing options for your track(s), such as specific inspirations and the direction you’d like the mix to take, so that I have something to aim for when I do the proper Initial Mix.
– Listen to Initial Mix Proof#1
– Request any Mix Changes
– Listen to Mix Proof#2
– Discuss further Mix Changes, if required
– Listen to Mix Proof#3
– Any remaining Mix Changes? Just let me know…
– Attend a Studio Listening / Mix Session to complete the Final Mix together

4 – Share your Music with Confidence:

Final Payment:
If any aspects of the project go significantly beyond the bounds of the quote and the above proofing process, such as unplanned extra Recording, Editing, Sequencing or Mix Changes additional to the 3rd set, there may be additional costs, at my discretion. Any remaining sum will need to be settled when you receive the final invoice.
Audio Files Supplied:
Upon receipt of your Final Payment (if required), you will be sent your audio files, including the mastered and unmastered mixes at both CD and Streaming levels, in WAV and MP3 formats. Quotes for Stems, Separates, Edits and Alternate Mixes can be provided upon request.
Upload and Share:
Now you have all you need to start sharing your music with the world. You can upload your Streaming-Mastered MP3s to SoundCloud, iTunes, Spotify, YouTube and more immediately, if you wish. You can also burn your CD-Mastered WAVs straight to CD and start selling them at gigs. Alternatively you may want to send the unmastered WAVs to a specialist Mastering Engineer, just to give your music that final pro touch, before releasing it.