Terms and Conditions

By commissioning me, Dan Hewett, trading as Sidrat Studios, to carry out work on your behalf, you, the client, agree to the following Terms & Conditions, thereby entering into a binding contract, to which both parties are obliged to adhere.
Please be sure to read through these T&Cs before requesting the commencement of any work.
I reserve the right to update these T&Cs without prior notification.

1 – Preparation

We will discuss the details of your project in depth, thoroughly covering all aspects, in order to ensure my full understanding of your needs, which will allow me to provide you with an accurate quote.
Upon receipt of your written approval of the quote, I will send you a digital invoice for the full amount, which must be paid in advance before work on your project can commence.
All new clients are required to provide their full contact details, including telephone, email and postal address.
Clients are responsible for their own preparation and for providing any backing tracks, stems, separates, etc., in advance of any studio session. I will then prepare everything so that we’re ready to record on the day.
Backing tracks, stems, separates, etc., will need to be provided at a sufficiently high quality. I cannot be held responsible for a poor quality mix due to a poor quality backing track being supplied.
The Artist must be well-practiced in order to have an efficient recording session. If work takes longer than planned and less progress is made than expected, due to a lack of preparation on the part of the Artist, additional costs at the appropriate hourly rate will be incurred for any extra time that needs to be spent to complete the project.
It is the client’s responsibility to ensure that any instruments are properly tuned before each recording take.

2 – Prices, Payments & Work

All prices are correct at the time of publishing. However, I reserve the right to update my prices without prior notification.
As previously stated, the full total of the supplied quote is to be paid in advance of any work being carried out. Payment should be made within 7 days of receipt of the invoice and at least 24 hours prior to the booked session.
Should additional work be required in order to complete a job, which goes beyond the bounds of the original brief or exceeds the agreed quote, the client should make the final decision before proceeding.
If the client approves or requests additional work, they will be liable for the extra cost, which will be reflected in the final invoice and charged at the appropriate hourly rate.
Payment for any additional costs incurred are due in full upon completion of the work and is to be made within 7 days of the date on the final invoice.

3 – Proofing & Author’s Corrections

The client will be supplied with an initial Rough Mix to check that all the recording, editing and sequencing is as it should be, before continuing to the proper mixing process.
A free drop-in session (up to 2 hours) is provided for every project, so that the client has the opportunity to redo any takes that are not up to scratch.
Every project includes 3 Mix Proofs and 3 sets of mix amendments, the last of which can be carried out with the client present during a final listening/mixing session in the studio.
Changes requested beyond this point (Author’s Corrections – or ACs), or any major or substantial changes, up to and including full re-mixing, will be charged at the appropriate rate. However, some minor changes may be made without charge, at my discretion.
Further proofs will be supplied to the client until they are satisfied with the end result.
Proofs may contain an audible watermark and/or may be supplied at low resolution or compressed format, such as MP3.
Any errors on my part, to which you bring my attention during the proofing process, will be amended without question and without charge.
It is essential that the client checks all proofs thoroughly before giving their approval to proceed to the next stage of the project.
By ‘signing off’ on the Final Mix, the client confirms their approval of the work and accepts all responsibility for any remaining errors that may have been overlooked.

4 – Bookings & Cancellations

When booking studio time, a date and time will be arranged in advance, which both parties are expected to attend.
Late arrival will not result in an extension of the session.
Cancelling a booking within 24 hours of the arranged date and time will result in an additional fee of £50. However, if the client requests a postponement no later than 24 hours prior to the booked session, arranging their next session for a date within 7 days after the date set for the original session, the fee will be waived.
Failing to attend a booked session without prior notice will incur a fee of £50. However, should the client wish to re-book the session within the following 7 days, this fee will be reduced to £25.
If work has commenced and is proceeding as planned, but the client then decides to cancel part way through the project, this is deemed to be a breach of contract. Under these circumstances, there will be no refund and no mixes or audio files will be supplied to the client.
If the client chooses to cancel the project before completion and there are any outstanding costs for additional work previously agreed to be carried out, the client will receive an invoice for the remaining sum due, which must be paid within 7 days of the date on the invoice.

5 – Duplication

I do not handle duplication on behalf of my clients. However, I am happy to give advice regarding duplication and recommend suppliers, should the client request such assistance.
I am not responsible for any issues arising during the duplication process. However, I will always be happy to offer further advice should any problems occur.

6 – Audio Data file handling

High-resolution stereo audio files will be supplied to the client upon receipt of their final payment. All final stereo mastered and unmastered mixes will then be the property of the client to do with as they see fit.
I take no responsibility for the safe-keeping of any audio data files produced throughout the duration of the project. Although I will endeavour to keep this data safe and secure, there are always things beyond my control that can corrupt or wipe hard drives, for which I cannot be held responsible.
Upon receipt of the client’s payment in full at the conclusion of the project, the client will be the owner of the intellectual property rights to all multi-track session files and any separate or component audio files and related sessions produced for the creation of the client’s track(s).
Should the client wish to have a copy of the above data files, they are free to do so, and should provide a compatible external hard drive on which to store them. Backing up of data can also be done at the end of each session, as long as appropriate payment has been received.
I reserve the right to include any audio I produce in my portfolio for my own advertising and marketing purposes. I will not distribute your music, nor profit from it directly, but will use it only as a form of promotion for my services.

7 – Privacy

All personal information provided by the client will be held securely and remain strictly confidential. This information will not be shared with any third party.
Your rights, under the GDPR 2018 will be fully adhered to, including your right to have your details provided, updated and erased, if you so wish. Please feel free to contact me for further information.