Studio Recording: 15 Steps to Success – eBook


39-page eBook to help new and prospective recording artists prepare themselves and their music for the studio. Packed with tips and advice, as well as exercises, action sheets, examples and resources.


This 39-page eBook will guide you through every step you need to take in order to prepare yourself and your music for the recording studio. This eBook is perfect for anyone new to recording and production, but there are likely a few nuggets of information in there that even some seasoned recording artists may have overlooked.

Specifically written for solo artists and duos, such as singer-songwriters, instrumental musicians, vocalists and rappers performing to backing tracks – or those artists who need backing music or accompaniments composed for them.

Each step includes a detailed description of what’s involved and an exercise to complete, along with tips and advice on how to successfully do so.

Some of the topics covered include:

  • Track selection
  • Lyric sheets
  • Song structure and arrangement
  • The recording process
  • Production plans
  • Mixing and proofing
  • Nailing your performance
  • . . . and more!

The resource pages and attachments provide ready-to-use spreadsheets and examples, as well as a blank Song Structure & Arrangement sheet.

Together with the songs, tracks and pieces you’ve already written, my eBook will give you everything you need to hit the studio with confidence. By the time you’ve completed each of the 15 steps, you’ll be ready to have a productive and enjoyable recording session!

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